Canadian Government Moving Faster Towards Mainstream Bitcoin Adoption

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    Recent events in Canada suggest its government could be well positioned to become an early mainstream adopter of Bitcoin.

    Thursday, Nov. 17 recorded the biggest attendance ever at the Toronto Bitcoin meet-up. Earlier on the same day was a meeting between Jason Cassidy, president at Crypto Consultant, who is quickly becoming a Bitcoin ambassador in Canada and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). The meeting was a move to work with the commission towards cryptocurrency legislation in Canada.

    Everyone seems to be involved

    Cassidy explains that the increased interest in the world’s first truly decentralized digital currency seems not to be limited to enthusiasts and tech pioneers. The Government of Ontario is now taking an active role in helping to shape future legislation for Bitcoin and digital currencies, a trend that he says will become commonplace over the next few years as mainstream acceptance becomes a reality.

    Cassidy describes this development as groundbreaking steps in the right direction, as it opens the door for collaboration with various levels of government. “We are now at a point where, to grow the ecosystem further, we must work diligently with these groups to form a legal framework that makes sense for all Canadians,” he says.
    An uplifting progress

    Cassidy did not hide his excitement towards Bitcoin’s progress in Canada. He notes that having been in the cryptocurrency space since 2012, it is very uplifting to see this type of progress.

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